Oral Hygiene Products

Product recommendations from our dental hygienists are personalized for each patient depending on their oral hygiene needs. Please feel free to call our office at (714) 441-0436 with any questions. Thank you! 


Electric Toothbrush

Airfloss Pro Interdental Cleaner


Gum® Expanding® Floss

Gum® Soft-Picks®

Gum® Soft-Picks® For Wider Spaces

Gum® Eez-Thru® Floss Threaders

Gum® Proxabrush®

Gum® Go-Betweens® Proxabrush® Handle And Refills

Gum® Technique® Complete Care Toothbrush, Compact Soft
**Select “compact” from the toothbrush head size drop down menu near the bottom of the page**

Gum® End Tuft Toothbrush


Tepe Implant Care Brush


 Proxysoft Bridge and Implant Cleaners (formerly Thornton)

*Ships to local Walgreens for free*