Regenerative Solutions Institute- Hygiene Group

RSI Dental Hygienist Study Group:

Dr. Clem and Dr. Yen believe that the registered dental hygienists in our referring offices are key members of the dental team and it is equally important for them to stay current on dental topics.  We provide recognized speakers from around the country to educate and inform RSI Hygiene Study Group members.  We meet 2-3 times a year and continuing education units are provided. The lecture topics focus on keeping the RDH’s up-to-date on periodontal and regenerative treatments.  In doing so, we are able work as a team with our referring offices to provide treatment with the best outcome for our patients.

Due to a significant increase in the number of new member inquiries and the limitations of our event space, Drs. Clem, Yen, and Baron will offer new membership to the dental hygienists we partner with for patient care.

Lecture topics include:

  • When to treat and when to refer 
  • Updates on dental techniques, materials and products 
  • Periodontal and dental implant maintenance 
  • Regenerative therapies and materials including biologics 
  • Non-surgical treatment options and their limitations 
  • Updates on surgical treatments including osseous surgery, connective tissue grafts, sinus and ridge augmentation 
  • Oral Pathology updates and screening patients for oral cancer 
  • Communicating treatment options with patients and case acceptance 
  • Working collaboratively with the dental specialist or patient physician

Professional Resources:

  • Company information- Straumann, Nobel Biocare 
  • Links, journal articles, and position papers